Map with only your videos on its website and Facebook allows many opportunities for owners of video. You can create a map with only your video. To create a map you need to write to us on

After receiving an application from you, we create a new group for your videos.

Map can be seen on the link, where N – number group with your video.

To insert the map to the site easier to use “iframe”:

<iframe width="610px" height="580px" src=";-72.2599251;43.3246519;-70.3441842!l:sch!nl:0!si:1&fgid=N» scrolling="no" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Coordinates “42.6101850, -72.2599251, 43.3246519, -70.3441842″ set the left-bottom and right-top corner of the map. So you can choose the center of your card.

You can change width and height of the map – “width =” 610px “height =” 580px “”.

For facebook you need to use this link –, where N – number of group of your video. More detail in the article “Application in Facebook with your videos on the map“.

You can also manage of the interactive map with your videos – add video, change descriptions, etc. To do this, you need to register